Passed certification exam. Thanks @Mumshad Mannambeth for the great course!

Pratibha Patil:
Passed certification exam. Thanks @Mumshad Mannambeth for the great course!
pratibha-patil-certified-kubernetes-administrator-cka-certificate.pdf (700 KB)

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Mayur Sharma:
Congratulations :clap: Please share your exam experience


Fernando Jimenez:

Congratulations :party_parrot:!
Please do share your experience like how much time it took to prepare, whether you had any previous experience, additional practice resources you used etc.

pushpkant kumar:
Congrats Pratibha!!

pushpkant kumar:
Please help us if we need to follow additional document in addition to Mumshad course

Manoj GR:
Congrats @Pratibha Patil and would you mind to share your experience?

Pratibha Patil:
I tried to write my entire journey from learning Udemy course till the exam. Suggestions made are from my experience.

I have been working on kubernetes for the last 3 years.
It took me one and half months to complete the Udemy course as I was studying on weekends only. Just before the exam I studied continuously for 4days.

While learning Udemy course:

  • Prepared the plan with dates to complete course diff sections (self target to finish the course)
  • Written notes on almost each section. It’s not mandatory as it’s a practical exam. (its personal habit of writing notes)

Before the actual exam:

  • Repetitive practice of Lighting lab, 3 mock tests(5 times each)
  • Mock tests solution videos go thru. Tried to clear the concepts of questions which I couldn’t solve correctly in mock tests in initial attempts.
  • While practicing, try to improve on time to finish the mock test. It actually helped in the exam.
  • Kubernetes documentation go thru for exam related topics
  • Most of the times used imperative commands to create the resources.
  • Tried to search exam dumps on other sites where I only found PDF versions of 5 sample questions(Needed dollars to purchase more questions, don’t spend here as we already paid 300 dollars for exam).
    It was a waste of time for me at the last moment. It is a practical exam so mock test practice is the best way to prepare by performing tasks rather than just reading question answers.

During Exam:

  • I took the entire 2 hrs. to finish the exam.
  • Make sure for every question you targeted the correct K8S cluster context which is provided in question.
  • Read & understand the entire question carefully and then start the resolution steps.
  • Try to be very quick with easy questions resolution so saved time can be utilized for flagged questions.
  • For one question, initially mentioned certificates were not present at the given path. I flagged that question and at last I tried it again and it worked.
    So don’t panic in such cases just flag it and move further if everything is correct from your side.

Lesson learnt:

  • Initially I was skipping “solution of Practice tests” with a thought that i already cleared the Practice test of a topic.
    Just a suggestion don’t skip it as you might miss the learning part of how the instructor resolves the questions. Their way/steps might be different than ours.
  • Before exam day, run the system compatibility test again to avoid last minute issues. For me, the chrome extension installed earlier was blocked by my organization.(To fix it, delete chrome from the registry)
  • Some questions won’t be similar to the practiced ones so quickly refer to the kubernetes documentation for steps.
  • Udemy course and kubernetes documentation go thru is sufficient to clear the exam.
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