Parameterized build jenkin -

HI @Inderpreet @rahul456
I have done all necessary step mentioned in task statement. And I am able to build using production choice also , Please help me with this task parameter-build-snip

Hi Roopal,

Just now I did this Task and it worked perfectly for me.
Looking at the error it gave, it looks that you have created a job but did not build (run) it as mentioned here:

Build the Jenkins job at least once with choice parameter value Production.

Even it could be a case of sensitivity issue as well. Production “P” capital.


job ‘parameterized-job’ is not built with env value ‘Production’ or build failed

hi @roopal.mishra, you have already completed your task.

I posted here in community because I didnt want to loose half of the points but didnt got response and tried again the similar method which I used during first attempt , this time I completed task successfully but I didnt know what went wrong in first attempt