PAM Authentication For Apache

Hi Team,

I failed in this task second time ,

with curl command i checked it is working fine for given user , for other user it was 401 error.

I don’t know why task was failed .

Hi @dineshtobe

Why you changed Apache port on apps ? This wasn’t asked in the question, hence caused this to fail.

Hi @Inderpreet,

it was mentioned http i checked the configuration it was 8080. In the task to test it was only http://url/protected so i changed it to 8080.

Even in question for testing it was mentioned port 80 in display port.

I though it was understood, you also mentioned the same that some things are understood

Hi @Inderpreet,

Please update


I think its clearly mentioned to use Apache port in the URL. Also the port 80 you are mentioning about is of LBR port not the Apache port on apps. See the screenshot below: