PAM Authentication For Apache question


I am new to Linux.
I got the task named “PAM Authentication For Apache” and I followed the tutorial below.

  1. enable the httpd service in stapp01
  2. install PAM and configure mod_authnz_external pwauth in the ststor01
  3. restart the httpd service in stapp01

After all, doesn’t work. When I enter the locahost/protected page, it doesn’t ask for any authentication.
I have no idea now where can I find the error.
Can anyone give me some tips for it? Or is there any other tutorial I should read?

Many Thanks


It’s working when I set it to the app server. My question is: does this suppose set to the directory /data under the ststor01 server?

you have to do all task in app server not in storage server. One of the directory is in storage server and that’s linked via NFS i guess. So make all changes in app server not in storage server.

thanks for the reply