OpenShift Course Labs - GIT Connectivity fails from Katakoda

I’m trying the OpenShift labs. I have been consistently facing GIT connectivity issue when running build from inside OpenShift Console. I have followed the same steps as in the Labs to deploy a Simple Flask application. I have verified that I’m able to GIT Clone from the Katakoda terminal however. Please advise how to get past this issue.

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@kodekloud-support3 , Can you please advise on the above issue? Because of this issue I’m unable to progress with the course. I have cleared browser cache and all cookies and opened a fresh browser with new session. Still same problem.


Thanks for reporting… We will have a check…

I have the same issue. I cannot go forward to the next steps in the Lab. Also, the labs I completed is not seen as completed.

I too am facing the same issue. Has there been any fix or woraround?