Not super thrilled with the course so far

I am on the lab for Resource Attributes ; unfortunately , for one of the questions (#5), the answer the instructor is validating against also includes a nice to have string value - which is completely superficial, in my opinion.
Another discrepancy i came across was in the “Variable Precedence” topic . the instructor says the ENV VARS have the highest priority and in the lab, the correct answer is the cli argument -var-file ???

Not sure what’s going on here

@ambansal , Regarding the variable precendence, the instructor said is correct. You can refer the terraform documentaion. At the end you can see,

Terraform loads variables in the following order, with later sources taking precedence over earlier ones:

  • Environment variables
  • The terraform.tfvars file, if present.
  • The terraform.tfvars.json file, if present.
  • Any *.auto.tfvars or *.auto.tfvars.json files, processed in lexical order of their filenames.
  • Any -var and -var-file options on the command line, in the order they are provided. (This includes variables set by a Terraform Cloud workspace.)