Not Notification For Assigned Task

Hi Team,
My Name is Bharat Yadav, I enrolled for this amazing program i.e. KodeKloud Engineer. I was allocated one task i.e. “Disable Root Login” but I was not notified for the same over email. And now this task is being shown as Expired and contributing to my “Incomplete Tasks” chart.
I don’t want this Red Circle on my dashboard.
Kindly help me assigning this task again.
Any other question please do let me know.

Hello, @BharatY
I hope you enabled the subscribe option (KKE Account). If yes, then please check your spam folder.

i already have Subscription/Notification Enabled. That is why I am handling all other tasks after receiving notifications over my Gmail ID.
As requested please Assign the expired task to me again so I can handle it.

Please update me. I don’t want to see this task as Pending/Incomplete in my Engineer Dashboard.