No task ssignments

@andrzej they assign to you tasks if you report ? cause sometimes I got no task within 72 hours or 48 hours

No, I mean I am getting now tasks regularly but still I am missing two tasks…

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@Inderpreet, @mmumshad:
Still missing two promised tasks from 7th and 8th June (famous bug which overwrites completed tasks).

Hi @andrzej sorry about that. We had assigned 2 extra tasks to compensate for that. The bug has been fixed and we are back to BAU. Unfortunately we cannot do anything about the tasks that went missing during the bug period. Apologies for that. During the bug period all users were affected. Let’s move on now.

Hi @mmumshad,
Thanks for fast reply. Unfortunately I did not get promised extra two tasks
Look into my tasks history I have missing tasks 7th and 8th and 11th and two tasks assigned 15th.
So one tasks from 15th compensate missing from 11th. So as you see I did not get promised two compensate tasks for 7th and 8th. I understand that problem can happen and have no issue with this.
I hope it is clear now.

@Inderpreet: I see u gave extra task recently for neroxxpips Can I get as well two which are missing from 7th and 8th of June. Please ensure that I get daily task within schedule after those two will be assigned.

@andrzej did you already receive today’s task ?
These seems quite old one which you mentioned, since this issue was captured recently so we are just trying to assign tasks manually if we see this issue for someone for recent tasks. It may mess up things if we keep on assigning such old tasks manually. We hope you understand, we are working on it and trying to fix it asap.

No, I did not receive today’s task. You see how old this subject is and there was no update since 19th June. Seeing today’s thread and your kindness with another person’s request I just refreshed this on hoping for finishing this open item.

@andrzej please share your KKE username, we can assign you today’s task manually if it missed due to this issue.

My KKE name is Andrzej Kozlowski

@andrzej you should have today’s task now.

I have got today’s task but still no two missing tasks.

We apologies for that. We are just trying to assign today’s task (or yesterday max) manually if that was missed due to this issue. Since we are already working on to resolve this issue so it should not happen again once resolved.

Oh man I mentioned about this 11th of Jun either it is fixed for all or nobody, if not, it is not fair.

@Inderpreet @rahul456 , today I haven’t got any task assigned. The task was supposed to be assigned at 00h GMT-03, but now it’s 09h am GMT-03 and the task still does not show.

@Inderpreet @rahul456, just received the task. Thank you

Maybe you can help me and assign missing two tasks from Jun. If you will be so kind and do that please ensure that I get as well today’s task.

You assigned me daily task yesterday manually, (do not ask me why as I did not request that). But ok you did this and today I did not get daily task. So can you kindly ensure that I will get daily tasks as before. Please ensure that I get task for today and for tomorrow with normal time.

Can you kindly assign to me my two missing tasks from june, please?

@rahul456: Any hope ?