No task ssignments

Today I did not get any new task which usually comes 24h +1 h from last task assignments.
I got last task yesterday at 4pm so today I should have one at 5pm.
Can you have a look, please ?

With the Mumshad update by email, we are supposed to get 2 task for today to cover up for the missing tasks as well as yesterday’s tasks.

Lets see how it goes. I am looking forward to it. :slightly_smiling_face:

I got two tasks today to cover missing tasks last week. But still there is no assignment for regular tasks which I should get yesterday at 5pm.

@mmumshad, @Inderpreet: I did not get daily tasks since two days.
11Jun 5pm and today 12Jun6pm. I got today only those two tasks for last Friday issue.
Can you have a look ?

@mmumshad, Same here also. I am also not getting my daily tasks for last two days except yesterday’s two backlog tasks.

@mmumshad, @Inderpreet:
I did not get tasks assignments from three days now. Please have a look urgently.
Missing three tasks:
11Jun 5pm, 12Jun 6pm and 13Jun 7pm.
Please assign them ASAP.
I got recently only those two tasks which disappeared due to bug.

Same here, no new task assignments other then the 2 tasks which are supposed to be bonus ones against the lost ones during that bug duration.

KKE Team needs to clarify if we all understood and are expecting something different then what they planned.

@mmumshad, @Inderpreet: 4th day without task assignment:
Starting from two bonus tasks there are no new tasks available.
Missing days: 11Jun 5pm, 12Jun 6pm, 13Jun 7pm and 14Jun 8pm.
Please assign missing tasks and ensure new tasks will be available regularly as before.

Thx for task assignment. I have completed it already. Any chance to get three remaining missing onces?
As far as I remember in devops we are not suppose to get duplicated tasks any more. It is unfortunately not the case got third time task: Configure protected directories in Apache. Can you look again to assigning algorithm, please ?

@mmumshad, @Inderpreet:
Got today two tasks. One completed and one most likely has a bug. (reported already)
Please assign last one missing and one for today.
Again I got repeated tasks even though I am in DevOps group. Please have a look.

@mmumshad, @Inderpreet, @KodeKloud, @kodekloud-support3:
Dear Kodekloud team since the famous bug I have issue with getting daily tasks and promised backlog.
Can we fix this finally ? I am missing 2 tasks (including one for today) and having still issue with duplicates even being in DevOps area.
Please ensure that afterwards I will be getting daily tasks as before…

Now three tasks are missing (including one for today)
Additionally one task reported (Puppet Create Symlinks ) is still without update.
Kindly ask for check…

Got yesterday a task, so still two task missing… three including one for today.

@andrzej they assign to you tasks if you report ? cause sometimes I got no task within 72 hours or 48 hours

No, I mean I am getting now tasks regularly but still I am missing two tasks…

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@Inderpreet, @mmumshad:
Still missing two promised tasks from 7th and 8th June (famous bug which overwrites completed tasks).

Hi @andrzej sorry about that. We had assigned 2 extra tasks to compensate for that. The bug has been fixed and we are back to BAU. Unfortunately we cannot do anything about the tasks that went missing during the bug period. Apologies for that. During the bug period all users were affected. Let’s move on now.

Hi @mmumshad,
Thanks for fast reply. Unfortunately I did not get promised extra two tasks
Look into my tasks history I have missing tasks 7th and 8th and 11th and two tasks assigned 15th.
So one tasks from 15th compensate missing from 11th. So as you see I did not get promised two compensate tasks for 7th and 8th. I understand that problem can happen and have no issue with this.
I hope it is clear now.

@Inderpreet: I see u gave extra task recently for neroxxpips Can I get as well two which are missing from 7th and 8th of June. Please ensure that I get daily task within schedule after those two will be assigned.

@andrzej did you already receive today’s task ?
These seems quite old one which you mentioned, since this issue was captured recently so we are just trying to assign tasks manually if we see this issue for someone for recent tasks. It may mess up things if we keep on assigning such old tasks manually. We hope you understand, we are working on it and trying to fix it asap.