No task assignments

I was suppose to get one at 11 pm but nothing in the queue. Please have a look.

Same here, I was not assigned a task for nearly 2 days now !!
@mmumshad any update on this matter :thinking:

I got task at 11 am, please move it to 11 pm so that I can get todays task at 11 pm as it should be.

Hello !
Again I did not get task at 23:00 please kindly assign me task in proper time and ensure than tomorrow it will appear at 00:00 with classic schedule.

Hello, Got again task too late, please assign me one at the correct time which is today at 00:00

Can you assign me task today at 00:00 as it was supposed to be ?

Still getting time in wrong time. Due to issue with KKE I got task with delay. Please return to the old schedule so I should get a task tonight at 00:00.

Still no change, please assign my task as soon as possible (should be assigned at 00) and ensure I get another one at 1

daily reminder, task missing at 00:00, please assign it ASAP and ensurenew one come at 01:00

daily reminder, task missing at 00:00, please assign it ASAP and ensurenew one come at 01:00

Hi, we are checking this.

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Hi, the time a task is assigned is not guaranteed. It may arrive anytime between 24 to 48 hours after completing the previous task. Why does the time matter anyway? You have a few days to complete the task once assigned, am I right?

Theoretically yes, but in practise task always come 24 h plus 1 after completion. It matters as competitors executes tasks immediately so this is important to catch up with others. Or at least to have the same rules for others. My task was moved due to issue with KKE from 0am to 10 am so I lost 10 hours. So kindly please to assign me one immediately (instead of 0 am) and ensure new one come at 1am.

It takes so long that I crossed that time so currently please just assign another task for missed date and ensure current schedule is not affected.

Weekly reminder, please check…

As mentioned before, task assignment may happen anytime within 48 hours of the previous task completion. The time of task assignment cannot be guaranteed. Appreciate the feedback. Closing this thread.