No Task Assigned Till Now Today

Hi KodeKloud Team,

No new task is assigned to me till now. Usually it use to get assigned around 1:00 PM CET everyday if we complete previously assigned task before this time.



You’ll be assigned shortly.


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Yesterday they were distributed as well later

Anyone got task assigned today? Till now I have not received.

It seems smth has changed. Usually I was getting tasks at 1pm, yesterday it was 2 hours later at 3pm. Today is 5pm and task is still not assigned.

Yesterday I got the new task 5 hours later than the usual time. Today I haven’t received any assignment and it is beyond the 5 hours of yesterday.

Task is assigned now. I got but really late than usual time.

I also have a new task also late.

i didn’t get my new task kindly assign me new task

I’ve not been assigned any task too

Hello All! A new task will be assigned 24 to 48 hours after completion of the previous task. Earlier our task assignment job ran once every day. Now we split into batch jobs that run every hour. So sometimes you get it early other times you may get it a bit late. But you will surely get a new task within 24 to 48 hours. Thank you for understanding.


Hi Mumshad & KodeKloud ,

I think the new task assignment rule is worse than the earlier one. I don’t see benefit of splitting batch jobs which runs every hour. If even after split batch job is not able to identify & assign a new task in 24+ hrs then what the use of such split. I know you will say that it will assign job in 24-48 hrs a new task but our request was to assign more tasks, assign tasks as early as possible if someone is able to complete task fast/quick etc. But rather than doing this the new batch is assigning task slower than earlier approach. I don’t see any benefit in it.
Please reconsider the approach of assigning tasks. Make it more participant friendly. Assign more tasks faster not slower.


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This is the same issue reported also earlier… Still face the same issue. Likewise even as I write this email, its been more then 24hrs and I havn’t received a new task.

I have the same opinion about this. New task assignments system works much worse than one before. With old algorithm I was able to get task every day at the same time. Now I have to wait 24 h plus undefined delta which can be spread from 1 to 12 hours. In the outcome I am getting less tasks as before and more importantly in different unpredictable time. It can happen that task will be assigned at night so we haveto add again ca 8h of delay. Could you reconsider to return to previous algorithm, please ?

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Totally agreed with @andrzej, I remember I was getting new tasks everyday and at the same time. The old algorithm was much better.

100% agreed old system was batter in which we knew the task assignment time so we could easily manage our time for task now no one knows when it wil be assign

This is another poor example of implementing a change which I can’t agree to call improvement. But I have not seen any response or any consideration on this even after so many participants have raised their concerns.


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