No task assigned in three days

Hello KodeKloud team,

I did not receive task in Oct 14, it was expected to be assigned at 7:00pm local time but the day ends without task.

Can you help me with this, please?

@mmumshad @player001 @rahul456 @KodeKloud

I did not receive task in Oct 15 either. Is there a problem with the platform?

Two consecutive days without task assignment.

Can someone help me?

@andrescaroc that is right, this is what happened to me on 29, and 30 of Sept when my task was under review and guess waht, it was a validation issue, so for for issues you aren’t part of it you loos lots of points, which is really not fair. I hope someone can get this fixed.

Kodekloud team,

As you can see now it has been three day without task assignment: October 14, 15 and 16
The one that you see with October 16 is the retake from October 12.

As @nashwan says it seems to be a problem with the task assignment algorithm when someone put a task on review.

Can you put this in your backlog and tell us when it is fixed?

Can you assign me the task from October 14, 15, 16 and today task October 17? Otherwise it is an unfair competition.

Thank you

@Inderpreet @rahul456 @KodeKloud would be great if you can get those two tasks back for us please.

Hi, this is expected behavior. If you have an active task whether in a review or not, you will not be assigned a new task.

Hi @mmumshad thanks for your answer.

But please take into consideration that there was an error in the task description that was under revision, and the answer from kodekloud support team only came three days after.

If there is an user error, I can understand that the task under review is a new opportunity to get some of the points of the failed task and the time is running without new task assignment until you complete the second chance on your failed task, but, if there is an error in the task description or a validation error I think that running time should not go against the user, because the user is helping kodekloud team to improve the platform.

Other way, there is no sense to loose time choosing to put a task under revision even if the user know there is a description error or a validation error, because the user will loose more points :

  • Points of the task under revision
  • Points of the task expected one day after the task was put under revision
  • Points of the task expected two days after the task was put under revision
  • Points of the task expected three days after the task was put under revision

In my case support team take action on my task under revision three days after putting the task under revision, so I recovered those points. But I lost three days of task assignments: October 14, 15 an d 16.

Thanks for taking the time to read your users