No new tasks assigned for few months


Please assign new tasks. Last few months I was unable to complete the tasks and now I am not getting any.

Hello, @tennypa
In your KKE dashboard, What are you seeing there?

If it’s 1 that means 1 task is still pending and have to complete. Increase the page size count and check that pending task.


I know that 1 means there is a task to be done.

These pending tasks are pending for months and I am not able to work on it.

And you have responded to this request after many days.

And now I got a new task assigned . If there is an issue with your system why can’t you accept it and tell that it is fixed . Rather than blaming someone.

Sorry for the inconvenience caused.
I am not aware of such issues @tennypa so I will forward your request to the KKE team. Definitely they will take a look into it.