No new task assigned to me since Sep 28th

Hi @mmumshad @Inderpreet @rahul456
the last task I got was on Sep 28, 2020 10:00:24 PM (Australia time). since then I havent got any new task. Can I please get my tasks for Sep 29th, 30th and Oct 1st ?

Validation issues, and ignoring some genuine calls seems to lead few DevOps Engineers to leave KKE.

Thank you

the last task I got was on Sep 28, 2020 10:00:24 PM (Australia time). since then I havent got any new task. Can I please get my tasks for Sep 29th and 30th ?

Same here. No new task after completing last task on 28th Sep 2020. Please check and assign new task.

@rahul456 @Inderpreet can you please check what is happening with my account I havent got any new task since Sep 28, 2020 10:00:24 PM

Please assign my tasks for 29th and 30th Sep? already lost lots of point there please? or let us know what is happening at least we dont stress out about it anymore!

This really has to be sorted out guys. I am fighting for days now to return to my previous schedule and for months to get missing two tasks lost due to issue with the platform. And I am observing my competition (read collegues :slight_smile: ) my advance in tasks which was 9 dropped to 5(6) and I am doing every day task immediately when it is assigned. This is not fair and in both cases issue was with KKE which was not working properly.

@andrzej I feel your pain, its really frustrating and not fair!
1- since I joined KKE I get task on every 25 hours from the moment I submitted my previous task (not sure if that is what everyone else’s task distribution schedule)
2- lost two days task, like literally had no task on my board for Sept 29th and 30th. its not fair if that just got ignored without fixing or at least giving an explanation of what happened!

I would appreciate if @mmumshad or one of the guys @rahul456 and @Inderpreet check this may be.

Hello, @nashwan
You are still not getting task?

Hello @player001 I got my task yesterday 1st October. still missing 29th and 30th Sept?

I hope u’ll be more successfull than me I am fighting already 3-4 months and still no progress, even changing time seems to be so difficult that it takes more than 2 weeks to do so.

@andrzej I am kinda hopeless, since they dont even bother to reply!
Its indeed disappointing, even on the task distribution level,

I can see some sort of unfair mechanism there, not sure whats happening but its been almost three weeks I havent got a single task worth 1000 points, and only two task worth 800 points.

This is the biggest issue on KKE: support is terrible. You have to repeat hundred time something until finally you get attention and even then in many cases your issue is not fixed. They do not understand that all people should have equal chances to score and fair conditions to compete. Ok fine if you want to force such unfair competition please remove points and ranking at all and provide for us only platform to fulfill the tasks. But when you decided to have score mechanism with ranking for all the people condition have to be the same !