No environment defined for scenario

Hi team,

I have suddenly started getting “No environment defined for scenario” for every Kubernetes lab for " Labs - Certified Kubernetes Administrator with Practice Tests" track.

Access was provided via Udemy course. Worked well, I had done around 78% of all labs.
Suddenly, all labs have started giving this message. They don’t load showing only “No environment defined for scenario” message.

Happening on both Chrome and Firefox. Checked browser console - all looks alright.

Okay, so these in RED don’t work.
Green - work.


Hi there,
I’m experiencing the same issue.
Was working all good till I started the security related labs today.

I see similar issue with CKAD track, probably temporary issue

Hi - Yes we are aware of the issues and working with the backend to fix the issues ASAP.
Apologies for the inconvenience. We will let you know as soon as its fixed.

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All good. Thank you for acknowledgement, take you time.

These should be fixed now.

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mmumshad, tops!
Case closed :slight_smile: