NFS Troubleshooting task - showing failed

I mounted nfs shared directory on all 3 app servers. Still it showing error that “- nfs share is not mounted correctly on App Server 2”. I attached the screenshot in that I mount the nfs shared directory on App Server 2.

Waiting for response.


Could you please share your complete question, based on which we can check what you have missed.

In your screenshot, you are trying to mount “nfsdata” and “nfsshare” two different shares? which one is asked in the question?


The Nautilus production support team was trying to fix issues with their storage server. The storage server has a shared directory /nfsshare, which is mounted on all app servers at location /var/www/html so that whatever data they store on storage server under /nfsshare can be shared among all app servers. Somehow NFS server is broken and having some issues.

Identify the root cause of the issue and fix it to make sure sharing works fine among all app servers and storage server.

Check if nfs services are active on storage server

@akshayithape, this is marked pending for you, please give it an another try.

@rahul456 It has been success now. Thanks