New Task Frequency

Hi @mmumshad

I am feeling that 48 hrs waiting for a task is too long for me . Is there any possibility to get new tasks at a frequent interval as soon as i compete the task .

And seocndly i have some missed tasks or expired tasks . can they be unblocked . Is there any way to do it.

Mohammed Sadiq

Hello :slight_smile:
I also would like something like this. For me it would be great if new tasks were available every day on a regular time, for example, every user gets a new task at mid night.
For example, i dedicated everyday 1h starting at 6PM, but from what i saw from previous days, i get a new task 24h after completing the last one (i’ve been doing a task every day). That breaks the goal of 1h every day, because it will be incrementing the amount of time i spent doing the last task. Ex. today i start at 6PM and take 30min to complete the task, tomorrow i will get a newt task at 6:30PM.

What do you think?
Thank you and congrats, i’m loving this experience :wink:

Yes that would be nice if we get atleast task on daily basis. and unfortunately i missed 1 task .there should be provision to unexpire or give a retry .

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I believe that (but i might be wrong) if we fail a task, that one will be assigned to us latter in the future, but there’s no way to know when.

@KodeKloud can you consider this, please? Changing how new tasks are assigned.

It would be nice to have a few configuration options for how quickly tasks arrive. Now we only have the option between

  • one every 2 days (more or less)
  • nothing at all (vacation mode)

I also think it would be a nice feature to let people configure for themselves how often they’d like to get a new task, depending on how much time they have for it. You could even build on the ‘vacation mode’ theme, by calling the options full-time, part-time and vacation (or something like that).

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Yes i lie that idea. It can be set as per the user .