New task awaited

Hi @Inderpreet @kodekloud-support3

Daily I receive one question/task but I didn’t received any task for 25th March. Please provide a new task for me to complete.

Same here, might be a system-wide glitch…

@Inderpreet @kodekloud-support3
Still no reply. Please advise. I am not get a daily task as like before. Is there some issue?

Thanks for reporting this, we are looking into it from end.

@Inderpreet @kodekloud-support3

Any update on this issue? I still dont receive new tasks timely like I used to before.
Can you please check and update. Thank you.

Same issue from my side, did not get task yesterday thought before I was getting them every day. It seems that new system works worse than old one.

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Sorry for this inconvenience, about tasks assignment time after completing a task I think next task is been assigned sometime after 24 hours. Further about failed/expired tasks we expect you guys should already get those tasks. However we are checking if there is some glitch.
Please bear with us.