New Python Course problems


I just started the new Python course. So far, some videos are not loading (like the introduction video) and in the “literals” video, when explaining octal numbers (1m30s) Lydia says “8 to the power of 1 results in 1” whichis wrong - altough in the video the correct answer is displayed.

I’ll update this post if I find more problems when I continue the course.

Update1: As mentioned also on this post, some labs stop loading questions

Update2: Indeed, the videos that were not working seem to be working now.

The same for me, but videos are working, quizzes are not loading :pensive:

@abdou, could you please elaborate the issue with screenshot so that we can check

I don’t think a screenshot will help much. Some labs will just randomly stop loading the next question

Is there a way to upload video, I think it Will help better

@tgp here a screenshot as a gif file, the quizz keeps loading eternally without any output (in this case it shows question 4, before it show till question 7, sometimes from the beginning it starts loading) … in matter of fact, the quizz behave randomly…

@abdou, We have rolled out a fix for this. Could you please retry and let us know issue persists.

Sorry about that. There was a bug in the questions and it has now been fixed.

The “literals” video issue has been fixed now.

@tgp well done :white_check_mark:
Everything works fine now :smiley: