New Feature! Bonus Points!

Hey! We are introducing a new feature - Bonus points to help you speed through to the next stage. Complete 5 tasks in a row and you get 1000 bonus points, 10 tasks and get 1500 points, 20 tasks and get 2000 points, and so on.

Note: This is only applicable to newly completed tasks starting today and not previously completed tasks.

Happy Learning!


It’s a good way to motivate people to finish their tasks on time. I also noticed speed bonus showing 0 when someone accept my review comments. Is it applicable for review as well? Just confused looking at the speed bonus for the review accepted points.

Hi, no the bonus points are not applicable for review tasks.

Hi there! I didn’t recieve this bonus points after completing more than 5 tasks…

Ok I missed “Note”. Now I have completed 5 tasks in row, from 29 April. Where is my money points? :sweat_smile:

What it mean by in a row? daily one task or 5 task without fail?

I did 5 tasks after April 29 but I dont see that yet…!!

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Finally I received bonus points. I noticed that review points breaks streak of completed tasks…

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@mmumshad Review points break the streak, which is a serious blow for review system. Also skipped tasks do not break the streak.