*NETWORK TROUBLESHOOTING CONTAINER* out of the box, most containers don't come . . .


out of the box, most containers don’t come with sufficient troubleshooting tools. Some like busybox include some tools but if you prefer a more comprehensive solution to do network troubleshooting, Network-Multitool is a very popular container (over 5 million downloads) that contains tools including:

• wget, curl, iperf3
• dig, nslookup
• ip, ifconfig, ethtool, mii-tool, route
• ping, nmap, arp, arping
• awk, sed, grep, cut, diff, wc, find, vi editor
• ps, netstat, ss
• gzip, cpio
• tcpdump, wireshark, tshark
• telnet client, ssh client, ftp client, rsync, scp
• traceroute, tracepath, mtr
• netcat (nc), socat
• mysql & postgresql client
• jq
• git
• Nginx Web Server (port 80, port 443) - customizable ports!
you can also install additional packages using the apk package manager


to use it, simply:

$ kubectl run -ti networktroubleshooter --rm --image=praqma/network-multitool -- bash

Malathi Vangeepuram:
This is really helpful … was trying to look for such images … which has all the tools …

Malathi Vangeepuram:
thank you

Thanks a lot @OE