Need help for completing a Task

Hello Team,

This is my first topic in this community.

I received below task from my Organization.


The Cluster Script
The task is to write a script in any scripting language of your preference.
The script should be generating a docker-compose.yml file that defines an environment with a cluster of Apache Cassandra (v. 3.11) nodes and an Apache Spark (v. 3.0) worker per each Cassandra node.
The inputs of the script should be the total number of cassandra nodes, amount of RAM for a single Cassandra node, number of CPUs for a Cassandra node, amount of RAM for a Spark worker, number of CPUs for a Spark worker.
As a part of deliverables there should be a readme file on how to run it.

I don’t have any idea about any tech mentioned in the task.

Any one helps with that?

Thank You.