Need details on Azure playground offered on KodeKloud. Does that also include Azure Kubernetes Servives

I am looking to purchase Azure playground and KodeKloud support executive Nabila said to post the query here. Could KodeKloud provide details on Azure playground before I purchase it.


Hi @syedpervezullah ,
Yes, you can see the available services in the link below: -
Cloud Playground Support (

Let me know if you any other queries.


thanks. what is the live date for azure 104 course?

It will be released in the upcoming weeks. I am not sure about the exact date.


Is there any limit for Playgrounds? Like timelimit per day or number of playgrounds of a cloud per day?
When I started Azure playground today, I received a time limit of 180 minutes and the next time it was only 45minutes.

Hi @sharath ,
Yes, the time is 180 minutes.

It could happen when you didn’t stop the cloud lab and the next time when you open it same lab. You will see the left time of the previous session.
Simply stop the lab and start it again. It will get started with 180 mins.


Thank you, I hope there is no limit for lab per day.

Hi @sharath ,
Yes, there is no limit for lab per day.