My IP was banned by katacoda

I was doing a lab in katacoda and got disconnected .
I tried to reload the page and i got ‘Error 1006 : Access Denied’, my IP address was banned by . Please Help.

Hello, @Chris189721
Thanks for reporting this issue. We will take a look into it, As a temporary workaround please use VPN to access that lab.

Hello, @Chris189721
Can you please reverify the lab name?

Hello, Sorry for late reply.
I was doing the lab " Basic Docker Commands " , the environment timed out and I not able to load the lab again .
Even i try to do the " Building Docker Images" , I can’t get into the lab too .
So I tried to visit the katacoda main page and it said my IP got banned

Hello, @Chris189721

Regarding this, you can write to katacoda support team -
They will unblock your IP address.

I checked this lab and it looks good to me. Are you accessing the lab in the latest chrome browser?

Yes . I use Chrome browser .
Thanks I will try to email the support team

Can you please share your issue through a feedback video? share it browser console logs ( Right click on browser page > Inspect > Console ) and If it’s possible try to access it in Firefox browser.
Let me know if it helped you.