Multiple Providers Lab Question 4

I am facing issue with Multiple Providers lab. Even though resources were created, validation failed.

Please help me on this to correct it.

Hello, @jaganmohan.siddela
Can you please share your TF file?

Please check file name also. Must be according to the question.


What I can see from your output is you have configured length = 1 and not length = “1”
This is the only thing I could notice from your output. May be script is checking this .

Is it possible for you to do the above change in your file and check whether it passes now ?

I just did this lab and the checks are passing for me.

If possible for you can you please share your file though it appears it is running fine with terraform.
As I can see both the resources are created so does not look like you have any issue in your file.

with best regards
Pradeep Nehe