Mock Exam 1- Question 1 - VAULT

Hello Gents,

Your help is much appreciated, I’m stuck in the same first question for over 3 days as I can’t find any documentation or solution or an explanation for this issue.

The first question, mock exam 1, after creating the playbook and Verify Tasks, it says that the password for the users is incorrect.

What I’ve done is: Created two txt files, I’ve written the password in there, encrypted the file "ansible-vault encrypt file1.txt file2.xt.

Then I copied your /tmp/hasset/answers/add_users.yml and changed the hashed passwords.

My understanding is that I fail to hash the passwords correctly, but I have no damn clue what needs to be done as there isn’t anything in the course that covers this topic.

Thanks again,

This can be resolved guys - There are a few people in the forum having the same issue.

Apparently for some reason, you can’t run the vault encrypt succesfully from within the ~/playbook directory.

cd to a diff directory and run the command again and it will work…

Thank you for sharing your experience @Aurond.