Minikube cluster multinode

Hello i have a question, what do you think of the new FEATURE that Minikube has, which now allows you to quickly configure a MultiNode-Cluster in a few minutes.

$ minikube start --cpus=4 --memory=4G --driver=virtualbox --nodes 3 -p minikube

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My question is, do you think that this well configured Minikube could now be used in a PROD environment or it would be good to continue using it only for DEV environments.

Thank you.

@maktup hello,maktup i think this link will answer your question please check it :slight_smile:

The article is interesting, there it highlights that it should be focused more on a DEVELOPMENT environment, but what I had doubt is that they highlighted Minikube several times as a Cluster of 1 Node with 1 Virtual Machine, surely that is why they focused it more on DEVELOPMENT, But now that it allows to have a MultiNode Cluster in several Virtual Machines, that approach could change a little perhaps.