Mentor , support , general question

Hello, As I have recently started the Pre-Requisite DevOps course and new to the IT field with no experience. Possible to get someone to further mentor and help me through the course with questions and explanations who may live in my city, Toronto, Canada. Though I rely on the community to address questions I have, hope to have someone who I can personally contact to help mentor me through the course. Please let me know if this is possible? Thank you

Hello, fifafd350
You can ask your doubts and query here. Our community members will assist you.

Yes, aware of this. thought learning process may be better if I had a mentor in the area to work with. Usually takes a while to hear back and sometimes clarifications are not clear to follow. Still have not got clear instructions on installing the VM. Better to understand course if have someone live to talk to. if possible, pls see if anyone can further assist in better understanding since have 0 knowledge in IT. tnx