Memory and CPU in use

Hi i have a question, I am wanting to know a way to be able to identify myself: "Is the POD that is consuming the most CPU & MEMORY in my cluster?".

But I want an alternative way to use: kubectl top pods, because TOP by default is NOT enabled and it asks me to install from the url: git clone, whose URL is NOT published at:, I can only find it at:, but access there is not allowed in the CKA exam.

Any ideas?

Thank you.

Hello, @maktup
Yes, you cannot access that site. Because of people sharing their sort alias. I think, it will be pre-setup or they will provide valid URL along with the question and they also aware that candidates cannot access external sites.

Hello, thanks for your answer, I have given the exam and that question remained since they asked me about it and I did not get the URL to do the git and in it: is not there. Because of this I could not use the: TOP and I left it blank.

Hello, @maktup this site is not allowed in the main Exam. You should check by running the command kubectl top nodes/pods. It’s available or not. Might be you are in the wrong cluster. If it’s not. You should write your issues to Linux Foundation.