Maximum process soft limit is not '73' on Storage Server

Can anybody help me with this question ?
On our Storage server in Stratos Datacenter we are having some issues where nfsuser user is holding hundred of processes which is degrading the performance of server. So we have a requirement to limit its maximum processes. Please set its maximum process limits as below:

a. soft limit = 73

b. hard_limit = 93

I have followed the below mentioned process for this question but the task still got failed.
Please help me for this question.
Steps followed as below:

ssh to storage server
sudo vi /etc/security/limits.conf
this example is in my case:


You have to add something like below

@nfsuser soft nproc 73
@nfsuser hard nproc 93

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Also, lines beginning with # are ignored. Check @sathish2032 answer too

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Thanks @sathish2032 and @francilio for the help.