Managing ACLs Using Ansible - FAILED but its correct

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Managing ACLs Using Ansible Task FAILED with error saying that “it seems like you haven’t set acl ‘/opt/sysops/story.txt’ properly on App Server 2” . As shown in below screenshot, I have set ACL for all files properly.

And also I have validated on App server 2 , its clearly shows permission is set to “rw” clearly.

Playbook executed without any error as shown below:

Can you please check and guide me on what caused this failure. So that it will help me next time complete this task successfully. According to me everything is correct I think.

Please do that needful.

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Hello, balu.networks7
You have a O/P of getfacl to see ACL’s to file.

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hi @balu.networks7, as per the question your ‘etype’ for app server 2 should be ‘user’ instead of ‘group’

@rahul456 ohhh got it… Thanks for pointing out … My mistake… :slight_smile:

what does params denote under var??

how params[‘ansible host’] refers to the respective host… Please help me to understand

@balu.networks7 @player001
what do this section of the code do?

@swaroopcs88, seems like you have already complete the task.