Manage Git Repositories Failed - Devops task

I got the below error after completing the task,

  • commit message for ‘master’ branch is not same what was mentioned in the requirements.

But, I have given proper commit message while check in to master branch,

@Inderpreet @rahul456 please check this error.


hi @smanikandaprabu, as per question, you need to create new branch from master with command git checkout -b max_games

so, git branch max_games wont create branch from master?

@rahul456 what is the difference between git branch and git checkout - b?

git checkout -b BRANCH_NAME creates a new branch and checks out the new branch while git branch BRANCH_NAME creates a new branch but leaves you on the same branch.

In other words git checkout -b BRANCH_NAME does the following for you.

git branch BRANCH_NAME # create a new branch
git switch BRANCH_NAME # then switch to the new branch

I have used below commands,
git branch max_games – Create Branch
git checkout max_games – switched to new branch

so, is this also does same thing right.
With that also I have created new branch and worked on new branch and commited to the new branch…

I have raised Pull request from new branch to master.
I didn’t understand what is the error here. Please check and let me know. @rahul456 @Inderpreet


Hi @smanikandaprabu

As per your screenshot where all three commits are listed, notice the merge commit (where author is max). So you merged back max_games branch into master from UI hence a new commit i.e merge commit was added to the master branch. So eventually there were two commits in the master branch add stories and the merge commit.

Since as per question you were not supposed to merge the max_games branch into master branch and it was clearly mentioned to have a single commit only


so it was supposed to be failed, I hope it clears your doubt now why this task failed for you.


Thanks @Inderpreet, Now I understood the issue. Thanks for the clarification.