LogIn not working


I tried to register today and failed horribly. The only visible hint that something is not working is this error message:


Hi, this is usually due to a client side error. Do you have blockers on your browser that may be preventing the reCAPTCHA? If so please disable and try once. Or try a different browser. Let us know how it goes.

Hi! I have been offline for a while, but i just came back and when i tried to login with my credentials, it kept saying bad email or password, i eventually had to create a new account using my former mail…any help

Or was i kicked out or something

The name of my previous account: Ife Apanisile
Role: DevOps Engineer

@majorlala , Did you try the password reset option using the email address?

Yes I did, still didn’t let me in

Hello, @majorlala
In mail ID, use small letter. Last time I have seen same issue with other members. Try it.

I have tried using small letters, i have also tried using the mail ID as it is written on my account, it still isn’t going through

I have also tried resetting the password, still not letting me in with the new password

Hi! I still cant login, Is something being done or what? Its been well over two weeks