LoadBalancer (LB) Not reachable from jumphost

I have assigned with the lab “Install and Configure Web Application”;
noticed that LB server is not reachable from jumphost and no ping as well.
stlb01 stlb01.stratos.xfusioncorp.com Nautilus HTTP LBR.

Already tried lab 3-4 times; any one experienced same ?

Could you please check on this ?


@ginigangadharan It might be the case in some scenarios where we need not to access the LB host to complete the task. Can you please elaborate what exactly you are trying to check on LB host ?

Hi @Inderpreet,
Thanks for replying.

Okay, the question is to setup web application on app servers and must be serve from loadbalancer. But the loadbalancer is not reachable or serving 80/8080 traffic.

Set them up on Apache in a way that ecommerce should work on link http://<<lb-url>>/ecommerce/ and demo should work on link http://<<lb-url>>/demo . (do not worry about load balancer configuration, as its already configured).

“do not worry about load balancer configuration, as its already configured” - meaning I dont need to verify website via LB ?

@ginigangadharan , you only need to setup web application the way the question asks.

Do not need to change anything on load balancer.

Also you need to check and verify website via LB host as to insure your configuration is correct.

@ginigangadharan You need to make sure website works on LB URL at the end but since its already configured so you just need to make sure your apps are configured correctly.

Thanks @Inderpreet and @Nasri,
yes, you are correct.

My bad, I read the question wrongly last time; I thought LB need to setup.

Thank you guys…