Linux User with non-interactive shell

Oh ok. So you were saying the validation might have went wrong? In that case KKE team will look into this.

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@Inderpreet is there any way to keep this task pending . i have accidentally clicked the finish button . please help me in this regard to finish the task

Same error please check it

Hello, @Hemanthreddy
I think task is about to create a new user with non-interactive shell not just creating a new user.

Hi @a_chhabra, what password you entered for changing as root user. I am able to login but not able to change as root user.

You can use sudo to exec commands with privilege.

I belived the task for creating the user javed was on App2 server.

Hi @Inderpreet I think I performed this task correctly but actually I fail could you help me

@Nes_Leon, the task asks for a non-interactive shell. Your user entry in /etc/passwd has a /bin/bash at the end. bash is an interactive shell

Copy That! thank you so much @francilio!!

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Hi Team,
Please someone validate and confirm…
created the user with non-interactive shell…