Linux user expiry


Where do we get credentials to login to the target machines.

from here


I do not understand “set expiry date to … for Stratos datacenter”… it means all servers of the datacenter?

share question screenshot here or copy it.

Which are the app servers? stapp01, 02 and 03?

I created the user in the 3 server with the mentionated expiration date and it marked it as wrong


in task i think talking about a/c expiry not password expiry

although I am hopeless that you will help and disappointed to be honest, but I will still report this since this is an issue in your system:

  • regarding Linux User Expiry tasks, did the task and submitted in minute 57:20sh second
    I failed because I put a wrong date instead of 2021, I put 2020. my bad. then I still had five minutes to redo if I can, here is what I did:
    1- deleted the created user with wrong expiry date by running this command:
    userdel -r kirsty
    2- re- created user kirsty with the correct expiry date in minute 52:00 before 5 minutes expired with the command below:
    useradd -e 2021-04-15 kirsty

re-confirm the task and still showing failed. I love Kodecloud, but these minor things discourage one to continue!