Linux system administrator task assigned - yum updates

When we log in to the server, as tasks are assigned, is it against the instructions to “update” the OS even when such instruction is not given?

Hello, @fredrickokereke
Are you facing any issues while running yum update? Can you please elaborate more?


No, I am not @player001. I went ahead to update the server before I approach the task for best practice. my concern was to know if this was in accordance with the rules.

Hello, @fredrickokereke
It’s not against the rules but maybe some updates can create an issue with the current environment.
Normal point of view, Suppose some package version is fixed in the task description after updating the server. Maybe it can create an issue with the validation.

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Exactly, you are right. These were my worries, that was why I raised the concern. Since it’s a learning platform and best practices are encouraged, I had to ask. Until formal stated, I will just continue now without updating it. Thank you @player001