Linux SSH Authentication


Again failed in task i am able t login all apps with user thor without password .why it was failed ?

We will check and update you

Hi @dineshtobe

As per details shared in the question you are asked to setup passwordless SSH authentication for thor user (on jump host) to all app servers through their respective sudo users (for example tony for stapp01) but seems like you have created user thor on all apps and have done the required settings for that user.

Hi inderpreet,

User thor was already created on all app server, i have not created.

Hi @dineshtobe

You are right thor user exists on app servers but still as per question you were supposed to make passwordless SSH access for sudo users on all app server.

I am marking this task as Pending for you so you can give it an another try.

thanks @Inderpreet , let me check and update you

Thanks @Inderpreet it is completed

Hi @Inderpreet,

Could you please explain what went wrong, here I did passwordless authentication for user thor via the sudo users of all app servers, and i am able to login to all the app servers via user thor
But still, I am got marked as failed for the task.

Hi @nsuriya239

thor user is for jump host only and sudo users for other apps are different for example tony for stapp01. Please refer documentation for details. You must have to setup password-less SSH access for thor user on jump host to respective sudo users on all apps i.e

thor@jump_host /$ ssh tony@stapp01 (hostname or IP both will work)

Okay, thanks for quick response @Inderpreet :slightly_smiling_face:. The question could be clearer, which could be misunderstood by the users as like I did.