Linux SSH Authentication task not passed

Hi Team-
Today I have received this task to solve, but was not able to understand this correctly.
I was trying to ssh into jump server instead of ssh to appservers, and this task was failed. Could you please shed some light as what needs to be done here with commands.


Thanks for reporting this, could you please share more details about the task? Which task it is exactly ?

Inderpreet, I have not taken snapshot of the task so will not be able to respond to your question.

@Inderpreet- Please find below snapshot. Got this from task details.

Hi @Avaya007 , as you have not mentioned the task , my guess is the ssh keygen was not properly configured. Hence it wasn’t able to access your app hosts without passwords. Did you check ssh’ing the app hosts whether it was able to access them without entering password, before clicking on finish task?