LINUX SSH Authentication - Failed

Hi, I did next steps, i tested all ssh connections and tests passed. I Doný understand Where did I fail.

run on all appservers (stapp01,stapp02,stapp03)

##-- verify current status
sudo su
getent passwd
##sudo adduser thor
sudo passwd thor
sudo usermod -a -G root thor

run on jump_host

sudo ssh-keygen -t rsa -b 4096
sudo ls .ssh/id_*

copy to appservers

ssh-copy-id thor@stapp01
ssh-copy-id thor@stapp02
ssh-copy-id thor@stapp03

verify at appservers

ssh thor@stapp01
ssh thor@stapp02
ssh thor@stapp03

Hi @juancgarciaco,

The user thor is for authenticating on the jump host machine while for application servers you were supposed to use their respective users as documented on below wiki. :wink:


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Okay, thanks.
That’s a cheating question or rather, misread by me.


run on jump_host

ssh-keygen -t rsa -b 4096
ls .ssh/id_*

copy to appservers

ssh-copy-id tony@stapp01
ssh-copy-id steve@stapp02
ssh-copy-id banner@stapp03

verify at appservers

ssh tony@stapp01
ssh steve@stapp02
ssh banner@stapp03

#Would this be the way?

You are not alone at this…

Same mistake here…

Yeh that’s it
must be success like that

Solution for the beginners Linux SSH Authentication Kodekloud