Linux Services has Unexpected exit code 1

I was working on task related to install some app on all application servers.
I have installed required soft on all three machines and use reboot command to see what happen.
I was disconnected from the machine (it’s obvious) but later when tried to connect by ssh faced an issue (details below).
Could you check what happen? Does the problem is related to the soft I have installed or shouldn’t restart the machine?

Unexpected exit code 1 for CommandResult(command=‘uname -s’, exit_status=1, stdout=None, stderr=‘Error response from daemon: Container d20068746b4ae0fa3f14f74ddd548dbbae53830097e2e5ae316859ad7e77ef1f is not running\n’)

Thanks in advance.

Hello, @tomcki
You don’t have to run the reboot command in any app server’s terminal. Otherwise you will get disconnected from the terminal. If you would like to service work even after the system rebooted in the backend, simply enable the service.

sudo systemctl enable <service-name>

Hi @player001
Thank you for your explanation. I enabled the service like you have written, but as I thought - the reboot has broken all my job :frowning_face:

Thanks once more time :slight_smile: