Linux Services - Can't install nothing


On the provisioned lab I do not have apt installed (I only checked Nautilus App 1). I thought it was a path problem but the program is not present on the system.

EDIT: I have skipped the task to continue. Could you re-enable it for me after checking the problem? Thx

Hi @Alexandre ,
What was the task?

I had to install a package and start/enable the service on the three application servers.

please share your user ID.

Alexandre on kodekloud-engineer.

I checked and apt won’t work because the linux distribution installed on the server was CentOS instead of Ubuntu.

I did a uname -a and I saw Ubuntu. It is a mistake because uname do not display the distro name. So I cat cat /etc/os-release. Sorry.

I marked pending for you. If you see any issues or doubts please post here before skipping.
Generally, people skip the tasks if they are not interested or don’t know that technology. @Alexandre


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