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I have failed last 4 task because of not reading the task clearly. But this time i read my times .I changed the vi /etc/inittab in all the 3 app server so that on next boot it will be graphical . But task is failed.

Kindly help

Hi team,

please update the status

This might help with this task.

With the introduction of systemd , the file /etc/inittab is no longer used to set the default run level: the new /etc/inittab file became nothing more than a readme containing a short (and useful) guide to the new target-based system:

# inittab is no longer used when using systemd.


# Ctrl-Alt-Delete is handled by /usr/lib/systemd/system/


# systemd uses 'targets' instead of runlevels. By default, there are two main targets:


# analogous to runlevel 3

# analogous to runlevel 5


# To view current default target, run:

# systemctl get-default


# To set a default target, run:

# systemctl set-default

have you did entry “id:5:initdefault:” in /etc/inittab ?

I did below

systemctl set-default

that’s not enough. You have just set it up running time default value. You have to entry “id:5:initdefault:” in /etc/inittab also. I guess may be this is also a option systemctl start && systemctl enable .

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but it was mentioned in the task that it should on next boot of server

Hi @dineshtobe

In CentOS7 / RHEL7 systemd uses targets instead of run-levels. /etc/inittab is no more used by systemd to change the run levels. While reviewing your answer I just realized you reverted the run level to maybe mistakenly hence your answer was marked as failed.

Hi @Inderpreet,

Yes you are write , i reverted configuration because in task it was mentioned GUI should be on next boot…

“start”, “enable” and “status” are not just options, they’re requirements. Don’t miss these commands. Good luck guys!

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These are 5 steps to successfully complete the task
1.get THE default
2.SET the -default run-level
3.start TARGET
4.ENABLE TARGETS >>>for system reboot
5.check status
Good luck!

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