Linux Run Levels-task

I have performed tasks successfully and changed runlevel to GUI mode in all app servers but unfortunately, I am unable to reboot the server because of restrictions. So when i clicked on finish the task , it is prompting failed mesaage. PFA screenshot![app03|677x45]

The tasks provided do not require rebooting of the server. Rebooting will cause automatic failure of the task.

I know reboot is not possible. I just want to know that I have changed the runlevel successfully on each app server and everybody can see through shared screenshot but still task is getting failed. Why it is so and want to know what went wrong?

Hi @oberai07

As per your original answer your only made required changed on App server 3 that is why error occurred for App server 1 and app server 3. Possible you clicked on Finish button before actually making changes on rest of the apps. Please note that any changes made after clicking on Finish button are not considered in the original answer.

Hi inder,
I have changed the run level on all app servers then thereafter I clicked finish. In screenshot too I have showed the same.

I think after making changes , I have forgotten to logout from all app servers and switch back to jump server . I believe that I should had been clicked finish from the jump server.