Linux Remote Copy task not loading 21 Nov

Kode Kloud Engineer - Linux Remote Copy task not loading 21 Nov.
Screen getting stuck at the screenshot.
Task expiring today, please rectify.

@Inderpreet I have been trying to load this task all day on 21st and it didn’t open once.
Please remove the task from expired and give me a chance to do it.

Hello, @chitradwi
Can you please clear the caches. Logout and login back?

Some issues is having in the backend in the katacoda. May be not the issue one. Katacoda team is working on it to fix this issue.

That was on 21st Nov, I tried till whole day on 2 systems but was unable to load the task till evening and finally the task got expired due to glitch at your end. Please renew the task so that I can do it as it was a short and simple one and would have been fun to do but didn’t get to do it due to some glitch.