Linux NTP Setup (Denis Bochinskii)

I think that i did right.
What i did:
ssh <some username>@<some app server>
some appserver (some user) # sudo su -l root
some appserver (root) # yum install chrony
some appserver (root) # vi /etc/chrony.conf
and add
# server <default pool>
# server <default pool>

server <some pool>
some appserver (root) # systemd enable chronyd
Check please.
P.S. I know that i could did that:
some appserver (root) # yum install ntp

Hello, @denis
Can you please share your work in the “Review” section? so other members will take a look and will share their thoughts on it.

What for? I know that i did right :). I could do it with ntp and chrony. I choose chrony.

Hi @denis

I think the task was to setup time synchronization specifically using native ntp package/config, hence it is expected to fail if it was performed using some alternate method.