Linux Ngnix as Reverse Proxy

@Vijin Palazhi @Inderpreet

Hi everyone

I’ve was marked as failed when i attempted the task Linux Nginx as Reverse Proxy, reason

  • ‘apache’ and ‘nginx’ are not configured correctly on Backup Server

I installed both ngnix and httpd server and configured them to listen on the ports as per question and start the service (no errors)

copied index file from jumphost to Apache document root

successfully curl backup server at the port and was successful

any ideas?

hi @victorturner, as per question, you were asked to configure nginx as reverse proxy for apache. In nginx config you should use apache’s port 8083 as proxy pass instead of nginx’s port 8095, thats why your curl is worked only on apahce’s port instead of nginx’s port.

thanks @rahul456 i believe this is what i did :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :confused: not sure if or how i missed up the ports but thanks for the update