Linux Nginx as Reverse Proxy Failed

I think this task should be reformulated or create a new method of validation. I got a task failed complaining the apache was not available at port 3003. I have configured apache to listen to localhost “Listen” since nginx will be used as a reverse proxy to apache or else user could bypass the reverse proxy by using the apache address:

hey @wfranca
you’re not the only one my friend
check mine here : Linux Nginx as Reverse Proxy

hopefully kodekloud admin would look into this

Hi @wfranca

We understand your intentions to change Apache to listen to localhost only i.e Listen however please note that this wasn’t asked in the question strictly to block it for localhost only. We do request always to stick to insurrections provided in the question.

Since we do have some monitoring tools that want to access this Apache server from within our network for monitoring and health check purpose so we don’t want to block it to localhost only. For security purpose we do have NAT level firewalls so its not a concern for us. I hope its clear to you why it was marked as failed for you.

@siraj_krm we have reverted on your query about exact reason of your task failure.

Same here, even after I completed the task and verified the output, my task has been marked as failed mentioning that I haven’t copied the correct index.html

Copying the output of curl which I used to verify after the completion of the task

Hi @Inderpreet
I understand that the task did not ask to bind apache to any ip address but the task main focus is nginx as reverse proxy and this was fulfilled.
Since we are using a monitoring tool that access apache from the outside maybe that information should be added to the task to avoid confusion.


Hi @Abhinay

This happened due to some maintenance we were doing. After reviewing your answer we marked it as Success, sorry for this inconvenience.

Hi @wfranca

Thanks for your feedback, we recommend to stick to instructions only that are given in the questions. We usually mention such requirements specifically if needed. But anyways we have marked this task as Pending for you, please give it an another try.

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Hi @Inderpreet,

My task also failed with "you have not copied correct index.html file from jump_host to Backup Server "

Could you please check and let me know what I did wrong.

Thanks a lot Inderpreet.

I also got status as failed for this task. @Admin, please check one.
Attaching screenshot for reference.

@anuragjunghare @sreenivas

marked it as Success for both of you.

Thanks Inderpreet for looking into it.