Linux Nginx as Reverse Proxy fail

Hi everyone

I’ve completed the task Linux Nginx as Reverse Proxy, but to finish this was marked as failed.
I configured the ports 8087 for apache and 8099 for nginx.

I have attached the evidences:

Please @KodeKloud help to understand why my task has failed.

hi @mcortes, as per question, you should not bind apache’s port 8087 to localhost And test your changes as per question through command curl http://<backup server IP or Hostname>:8099.

Screenshot 2021-05-06 at 8.25.09 PM

in question itself mentioned not to bind apache’s port 8087 to localhost try again and check

Hi @rahul456 thanks for your reply. That’s right, I didn’t understand what is the meaning of bind in this task. I think that I should have configured only Listen 8087.