Linux Networks task failed

Hi Team,

i got this error “Seem’s like you have stopped iptables firewall service on App Server 1”.

i solved the issue. in the question there is no specific metion to use iptables so i used firewalld. But it was failed due to iptables service stoppage that was not in the question.

@Inderpreet please help me here

@Inderpreet @KodeKloud please have a look here

Can you post the what was the question maybe I can I have a look into it.

@akshayyw , the task was "apche was not not running in one of the app servers, need to find the server and make it work’. I find that in app server 1 it is not working because on same port other service is running. I completed the task and using firewalld i opened the port because there is not specific word like iptables. I thought i can do with firewalld so i installed and did the task and got the required output. But now the error is “Seem’s like you have stopped iptables firewall service on App Server 1”, i haven’t used iptables that’s why i haven’t started it. if it is there in the question to use iptables, i might use iptables instead firewalld .

The thing is iptables were already installed and running , you were supposed to check first whether firewalld is present or iptables and use what is already there . I guess that’s why it got failed . When you get this task again try to open the port using iptables.

@akshayyw , may be installed but i haven’t checked about iptables, i just installed firewalld and opened the port, firewalld is running. please check the error “Seem’s like you have stopped iptables firewall service on App Server 1”, error is about iptables. In the question there is no specific to use iptables.

In that case you need to mention right, the problem is make apache live in order to do that part of the task is opening the port.

Yeah , they should have mentioned properly . BTW I’m not part of the kodekloud team :sweat_smile:

ok. @Inderpreet @KodeKloud

@vishnu123sai Since its a troubleshooting related task so you need to figure our what are the root causes of the issue. Before installing firewalld you should have checked if there is any existing firewall already installed and running. If you find any existing firewall installed on the system (firewalld or iptables) and its causing an issue then you need to update/add appropriate rules using same.

@Inderpreet , fine. If it was in the question it would be easy for the candidate